Although we are twins and our genes are identical, we create our art in two different ways - Paulina - form, Maja - colour and line.
With craft and labour we have strived to create something unique that speaks out to the world. In unison, we have built a body of work that is special and pishes forward the boundary of art using paper to sculpt.
The work goes forth into the lives and homes of those who collect, and brightens their worlds, while challenging convention and expanding possibilities.
We show that paper has a vital role in this modern world, and that despite the move away from traditional uses as the printed page, we as the creators, can still find new and inventive uses for this most primitive method of communication and record keeping.
Like the hunters of old bringing the heads back as trophies from their endeavour and adventures, we create similar ornament as physical reward from spiritual and metaphysical explorations as sisters and artist.
The paper work we create is the bloodless fruit of out expeditions and creative research. Each of these heads results from hours of labour, creative work and hundreds of paper strips, which takes the exact form as is given them by the artist.
Each sculpture is unreaptable and unique. And all of them are created by an expressive mix : painting, photography, sculpture - which is transformed by creative process of two artists.